Sunday Morning Music - MANAMANAH

My husband Jeff plays in a band every onces and awhile. He loves being able to get silly, play music, and hang out with his friends. After all these years, last night was the first time he ever played this song in a band. Made me laugh. Brings back fun memories. Enjoy!
Happy Sunday


  1. Cyndi!!!
    We must be the same age!!!
    The Muppets Show..Kermit and Miss piggy..Sesame Street..The Electric Co.
    See ya Hun:0)

  2. LOL!!! Nothing better than The Muppets!
    I think I might be older though.....or at least I always feel think I am older than everyone.....48 and counting. Don't tell anyone-----LOL

  3. Yes you are ..I am 46!!! SHHHHHHHH!!!!!
    I just told my 15 yr old son who still loves to watch Spongebob about the shows I used to watch
    {you mean the ones on TV Land} the really old ones...I just love it...LOVE them 70's though..
    Gotta decorate the house for Halloween...see ya
    Love ya,
    Lisa 8=]


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