Thursday, December 27, 2012


We have a germ infested household! My husband and I have been battling a miserable cold that has gone on for far to long. He has been suffering for weeks and keeps sharing his germs with me! Not quite the present I had in mind.
Just when I begin to feel better, he sneezes and coughs all over everything and I am back to .... well ..... feeling like crap. Thankfully, Julia has been spared and she had a wonderful fun-filled holiday. I will share the details at a later time. For now, I am headed to bed for some much needed rest. Here are just a couple of pics to keep it interesting till we chat again.
Love you all! Hope Santa was good to you all.
Our tree!
Julia sleeping next to the tree! We had a slumber party one night and slept near the tree the whole night. This was about 2 o'clock in the morning during a pit stop to the bathroom.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

AND THE WINNER IS...........

Julia put on her lucky reindeer headband for you all.
All the names were securely in place....
She shakes up the can.....
She pulls out a name.....
and the winner is.....
Congratulations Becca!
Please email me all your information and I will ship them out pronto!
Thank you all for playing! It was lots of fun. In a few more days I will be having another keep watching. Next time might be the winning give-away for you:)
BTW, thank you Julia for being a wonderful assistant!

Sunday, November 25, 2012


Give away time everyone!
     Here is the first of two give-aways I have planned for the next few weeks....
so lets get right down to it. This package will include:
1. ONE Halloween Shaker (which I promised back in October - better late than never!)
2. ONE Santa Ball Ornament
3. TWO sheets of reproduction vintage-style scraps from The Evergreen Press.
Yippy, three super cool gifts!
     This years Halloween Shakers are black cats. Each are painted with a traditional vintage cat design. The eyes are glittered. The crepe paper ruffled collar was hand gathered and slightly bleached at the ends to give it a worn, vintage look. There is a rusty bell and ribbons adorning the black and white striped handle. Of course, there are a few beads inside the head to add a bit of sound when shaken.
YOU PICK! Either the left shaker in the photo with white whiskers, or the shaker on the right with orange whiskers. Both are a fun tradition Halloween design.
See photos below!
     The Santa Ball Ornaments all slightly different. Some have the holly leaves on the right, some on the left. The beards are all unique, and of course, because they are all painted by hand, they each have slightly different personality, but all adorable. These original design Santas are hand-sculpted from paper clay onto a paper mache ball, painted, antiqued & aged with random splashed of real vintage mica flakes. Light weight (balls are hollow) so they will work on any type of tree or branch.

     Since I have five of these, and it would be hard to notice the slight variations in pictures, let me pick-out the perfect Santa for you! They will let me know who wants to go home to the winner!
     As a bonus, I decided to add some Reproduction Christmas Scraps for all the talented crafters out there. You know who you are!!! I bought a bunch of these sheets a few years ago from a lovely shop on Etsy, which has since closed. The scraps are very well done, have the look and feel of vintage scraps, but where made in Pleasant Hill, CA by a company called The Evergreen Press.....still in the plastic wrapping - never opened!
They are quite large, so these would make stand-out holiday statement pieces. One sheet is Santas, the other Angels, both in a Victorian style. There are so many amazing uses for these in your Christmas craft projects, I can't wait to see what you come up with!
     So here is what you do! Easy Peasy as always, leave me a comment letting me know you want to play! Make sure you tell me what shaker you want! You will get one chance to win. If you let me know you are a follower, or become a new follower, you get a second chance. That's it! On December 2nd, I will pick a winner. One week to play so let's get started!

Sunday, November 18, 2012


I know this is a busy week for all of us what with the Thanksgiving holiday fast approaching, so I wanted to check-in with you all to wish you a spectacular week, and update you on what has been going on at the LaChance household.
Mom is home after her pace-maker surgery and doing very well. One more thing to add to our "thankful" list this week! Halloween, though belated from the storm, was a festive night of spooky magic. Julia was a Genie, complete with fake eye lashes.
The craft fair went "OK"...relatively quiet, but I didn't mind at all. It was for my church, and it was their first ever fair, so I was there to support the effort. I sold a few things, but most of my pieces are better suited for a larger scale fair. I brought just a few creations along, knowing it would probably be slow. That saved time on packing and unpacking. I'm all about easy! My "neighbor" with the table behind me was such a sweet woman. Chatting with her made a long day much more fun.
The pieces I have left will be hitting my Etsy shop by Sunday. But, I did promise a give-way for Halloween, so I am going to make it a combo Halloween / Christmas theme. This Sunday, the 25th, will be the official start of the Give-Away, so please come back an check out the pics! I think you will like what you see.
Oh, and by the way, I am sooooooooooo being overtaken by the huge collection of books and craft magazines. Are you? I am grouping them in 2's and posting them for sale on my Etsy shop as used books and magazines. I have tons and tons to list. Today's posting are just the beginning. So, if you are looking for some back-issues of any Somerset Studio, etc., stop by and check out what I have. You might find an issue or book you have been looking for.
Enjoy your week of cooking and baking. Wishing you all a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.
Chow for now!

My table at St. Monica's first ever craft fair.

My table at St. Monica's first ever craft fair.

Just a few of the ornies on display.

One of the finished Santa ornaments

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Preparing for the impending storm. Got the necessary emergency supplies. Now it is time to sit tight for tomorrow when it hits. Today is already cold and drizzly; nothing compared to yesterday's warm and sunny day. I know you are all waiting for the Halloween Shaker Give-away but it may have to arrive late. Life, as usual, has it's own plans.
Mom is headed in for surgery tomorrow for a pace-maker. She has had several boughts with heart problems over the last few months ever since the mild heart attack she had. Needless to say, it keeps the family on edge. So, if you have time, please say a little "good luck" prayer tonight. At 82, she needs all the positive energy she can get.
May all my friends who are out there in the line of the storm....stay safe! And don't forget to remember the animals and elderly at this time. They need us.
Chow for now.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Hi Everyone, 
Wanted to share just a couple of Halloween photos with you all. Above are two of my favorite vintage NAPCO pieces. They have the nicks and chips to prove they have been loved for many, many, years. Thanks to Ebay, they have been in my home for a few seasons. I love them! 

Can't be Halloween without a crow or two!

My husband's bookshelf.....some of these toys are always on display (he is such a kid!) but he has sure added a few more. He LOVES creep clowns, and the large clown mask is always on the shelf....scares the heck out of me whenever I dust. Just one more reason why I hate to dust.

And yes, I know you are waiting for the new shakers, but they still need some final touches. I thought I would post a work-in-progress for fun. They should be done in a couple of days....promise. I will give one away by the end of the upcoming weekend so keep checking!

Below are the finished Christmas pieces so far. Hopefully, they will be a big success at my up-coming November Christmas art show. Whatever doesn't sell will be listed on my Etsy shop. 
These are the hand-molded santas and snowmen figures. The Santa ornaments are patiently drying awaiting their close-up moment.

Red Santas
Detail close-up.
Aqua Blue Santas 

Close-up of Paper Mache Vintage Style Santa
 I hand bleached the edges of the crepe paper to give it a worn, vintage, candy cane color.
Of course, more splashes of vintage mica flakes on his hat, bells and hands.

Taller Snowman paper mache pieces.
Close-up details.
Holly Leaves at base.
The Happy Family

Sunday, September 30, 2012


Howdy Everyone!
September came and went with a blink of an eye. Tomorrow, I will be officially dusting off the Halloween decorations. The house needs a little spooky fun....will share those next time.
But before I jump right into fall, I have been working on a few pieces for a Christmas show I am attending in November. It's a winter wonderland at my workstation!
I have just over 2 hours to share some completed Christmas projects before October hits and you all scratch your heads saying..."Where the hell are the darn Halloween Shakers!" (I promise, they are coming)
The snowmen and Santa ornaments from the last post are in the beginning painting stages...can't wait to get those done. For now, these are some paper mache Santas using my vintage mold collection.

Here is the ornament Julia made out of some left over paper mache. I saw a similar craft project on Pinterest and thought she might have fun creating her own Santa. Of course, she is a mama's girl, and no craft project is complete without a little "glitta"!

Have a great night everyone!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Only one and a half more weeks, and summer will official be over at the LaChance household. Julia begins 3rd grade on September 5th.......3rd grade!! Where has the time gone?
I hope your summers were spectacular!
I spent most of the summer removing myself from any and all obligation to spent time with my family, take stock of my blessings, and re-evaluate some life decisions. Everything was in vacation Etsy time here at my blog. My focus was my "day-job" responsibilities, and enjoying time off to build summertime memories.
Truth is, I missed you all. But it was a needed break both physically, mentally, and spiritually. It has been a tough year. I will spare you all the details. I have never wanted my blog to be a place filled with sorrow. When and if I have something to share that may motivate or help others, I will offer up my experiences. For now, I will remain focused on just navigating through a bumpy side of my life. There will probably be a few life's lessons learned by the time my journey is over. *big smile*
The summer has had some joyous moments. Lazy days at the lake. Spectacular fireworks on 4th of July.  Julia finally having the guts to remove the training wheels from her bike and learning how to ride. I will never forget that look on her face when she finally "did-it"! A full house on the weekends as there seem to be a growing population of kids in the neighborhood. My social butterfly always in the middle of everything.
I did do one art project of the summer - just in case you thought I was being completely lazy. I had been looking for something to place over a large wall above my television. Something with pops of color and texture. I found a few pieces I liked, but nothing "perfect" so I had an old damaged canvas that I decided to experiment with. I had admired some abstract geometric paintings and wanted something with blocks of color.....the colors I like....and it had to be tactile. Here's my version of the "block-painting".

I have also spent the last two weekends preparing for an upcoming November craft show. I wanted to get some original designs started and prepped. I have been elbow high in paper mache, clay! Got a few started but still a long way to go. Here are a few sneak peeks at some Christmas designs. Hopefully, I can get a few new pieces to hit my Etsy shop soon and the rest are heading to my fall shows.

Of course, Halloween is just around the corner, and yes, I have been working on new plans for my shakers. Have a few ideas churning. Stay tuned because I will be giving away some completed shakers to arrive before the Halloween season.
Thank you for sticking with me over this very quiet, non-existent summer. I am back in the saddle and excited about some of the projects I have come up with. I promise to stay in touch.

Chow for now,

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


It has been over a month now since my last post. Hopefully this quick update will reach you all to say, "Yes, I am still around!" I have put off my creative plans to give myself some much needed down time. Here are a few of the major ups and downs of the last month that have kept me away.
1. Mom recently spent some time is the hospital. She had a serious kidney infection which caused a very high fever. This lead to a stress heart attack while she was sleeping. Thankfully, she is recovering and now home. Her spirits are high - she is one tuff chick. I love that about her.
2. My sister's husband was diagnosed with early stages of dementia, and needless to say, the strain has been overwhelming at times for both of them. We are hoping for the best but at at such a young age, they have a long road ahead of them.
3. I had a scare of my own and ended up requiring a breast biopsy. I'm happy to say everything turned out fine. If you are listening out there ladies, don't forget your mammograms. It could save your life!
4. Last but not least...holy cow....I turned 50 in May. Damn! How the heck did that happen!? LOL
Life is testing my strength and perseverance right now in so many way that I am unable to share at the moment, but I hope life is ready for a good fight, because whatever it plans on bringing my way, I am up for the challenge. I may get tired (heck, I am 50 now - LOL) but I have never stumbled for long.
Wishing you all a wonderful upcoming Memorial Day! Enjoy your families, make great memories, and I will repeat myself again....get your mammograms ladies! :)
Hugs to you all,

Sunday, April 1, 2012


I decided to give BOTH bunny pieces away, so my wonderful husband Jeff picked two names out the his trusty baseball cap.
And the winners are......

Congratulations! I will email you shortly for your addresses. HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!

Monday, March 26, 2012


So I took a look a the calendar and my head began to pound. Why does time fly so fast!? Why do I always feel like I am racing to get things done!?
My daughter's 8th birthday is in a couple of weeks and I am not nearly prepared. And, darn it, if Easter isn't just around the corner! Why did I think it was so far away?!
My mom is right. The older you get, the faster time passes.
I need to feel like I am doing something for you all - it has been so long since I have had anything fun or interesting to share.
Are we up for a give-away! A lightning speed give-away.

I just finished these little cuties up yesterday. They are a fairly good size. A little too big for a small feather tree. But, you could use them as an ornament, or use them as I would, hanging from the knob of a dresser or cupboard. Just a little splash of Easter in an unexpected place.
They are simple wooden pieces, approximately 2 1/2" wide x about 5 1/2 high. They are painted in a mauvy, purple color, with a freehand swirl pattern in a pearl silver shade. Neither one of them are exactly alike.
The bunny is created from paper mache using a really old mold I own. The base is covered in moss with a rich purple silk flower. The ribbon is a dyed/aged crinkled seam binding in creams and light browns. There is a small piece of white doily at the bottom which adds about another inch to the height. The bunny and the doily are covered in fine vintage mica flakes. (Can never have too much glitter).
Nothing over the top, but something I created from some materials I had in my stash. It was a design-as-you-go piece. I had no idea what the end result would be but I love the 3 dimensional look.

I will give away one of these. Which one will be a surprise. One is ready to join a new family.
Want to win? Then leave me a comment! Everyone who leaves me a comment will get one chance to win. Easy Peasy! If you are a follower, or if you become a new follower, let me know and you will get a second chance to win.
Last day to enter is this Saturday, March 31st! The winner will be announced on Sunday, April 1st and I will ship out on the 2nd to hopefully arrive before Easter.
Good Luck Everyone!

Sunday, March 11, 2012


It has been a few weeks since I spent some time with you all. Sorry it takes me so long to get my act together enough to post. Sometimes I feel like I blink and 3 weeks fly by.
I'm excited about the days getting longer and the weather warming. It has been a mild winter, so I can't complain about the winter blues. But, I always feel invigorated when it gets warm enough to open a window in the house. It freshens the air, and makes me want to wash windows and hang new curtains. I've done none of those things...yet. But I have been working hard, both at the day job and at my creative table at home.
Here are a few of the my latest works in progress.
Easter and Christmas are colliding at my desk.

WIPS - Easter Egg Bunnies

WIPS - Santa and Snowmen

Easter Ornaments - Pink

Easter Ornaments - Yellow