Sunday, August 18, 2013


I had another week off from work. My last for the summer. A few days at the lake and even more days in the basement cleaning and organizing boxes of "stuff". So much "stuff"! Where the heck does it come from?!
Next Saturday we plan a large yard sale and hope to get most of the mess gone. It is so nice to de-clutter :).
In just a few more weeks it will be school again. Can you believe it! Back to busy schedules, bus stops and homework. I always feel in a rush during those morning and I am not looking forward to 4th grade math! I never remembered school being this difficult when I was a kid. And what is up with the home work! Good Golly.
I worked on a few pieces during my days at home. I can't seem to focus on one holiday (as I nervously twitch one eye) LOL.
A Thanksgiving turkey. DONE.
New faces for this years shakers....some old favorites and some new. NOT DONE.
My desk looks like the Holiday Gods threw up all over it.
Chow for now,

Thanksgiving Turkey

Love the way the crackle turned out! 
Unfinished shakers. The cats still need there sticks and some crepe paper. The bottom two are similar to pieces I have done but I changed it up a little bit and added some rusty bells on the sides to spin and jingle..... they still need some crepe paper too. What a mess!

Sunday, August 4, 2013


A few weeks ago, an email popped into my mailbox. "New shows added", it said. I was excited to find out that the North Shore Music Theater located in Beverly, Massachusetts had added a few more shows to their production of The Wizard of Oz. I heard wonderful things about the show, and was disappointed I didn't buy any tickets when I had the chance. Finding out more shows were added was a happy surprise. I knew my daughter would LOVE seeing this, and since this would be her first theatrical musical, I knew I had to get tickets.
Lucky me, we were 4 rows back from the stage. Amazing seats. Now, for those of your familiar with the NSMT, you know that any seat in the house is perfect. But, dang! 4 rows back! This was perfect for her. She would be close enough to really feel the experience. 
So, Saturday we were off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz. And, WOW, he really was WONDERFUL. Here we were in this small theater-in-the-round, with the Wicked Witch, Glenda and Flyer Monkeys all hovering over us. So much thought was put into making this production as magical as possible and they nailed it! Even Toto was the cutest little acting pooch on four legs. I wish I could share some pictures, but they don't allow cameras. If any of you live close enough to make the trip to MA, give NSMT a chance to entertain you. You won't regret it.
A Christmas Carol is always performed in December. It will "make" the holiday of even the most grumpiest of Scrooges. This production will send chills and tingles down your spine. Too scary for younger kids though so leave the kiddies home.
Boston has some wonderful holiday shows, but for something truly memorable, take the drive to Beverly, just north of Boston. You will thank me for it. :)
Gosh, I feel like Roger Ebert today - LOL

Here are the latest photos of some new completed pieces.
Rusted Wire Hanger - Burlap ribbon

Another wooden Halloween decoration you can hang on your door or wall. It is hand painted with a vintage black cat design. Aged and distressed, he is painted on an old piece of wood I had lying around.
(I have new shakers in the works.....more of my more popular past designs and a few new ones. Hope to have those finished in a few weeks.)
The other is a paper mache Santa ornament. I loved working on this guy. He was so much fun.
I sculpted his face on a paper mache teardrop ornament I bought from Michael's last year.

No glitter on this guy. Once I distressed and varnished him in a matte finish, he took one look at me and said "DONE". He is a good size....fits in the palm of your hand and much larger than the small snowmen I posted a few weeks ago.
If any of you are wondering when my Etsy shop will be re-opened, I am shooting for September 15th. I have a few Craft Shows planned in November, so I will be keeping some of my pieces for those shows, but I am planning to have new pieces for the store to celebrate the re-opening. I will keep you all posted.

Chow for now,