Finally started to get back into the swing of things after a long couple of weeks at work. To get my creative juices flowing, I like to paint. It is the instant gratification (verse waiting days for your paper mache sculptures to dry!).
Every year, I make some shakers for Halloween. Nothing crazy....just fun little pieces to decorate the house and give out to family and friends. And if I make more than I need, I throw a couple of listings on Etsy.
Yesterday, in between loads of laundry, cooking, a trip to the craft store, and other regular Sunday shenanagans, I was able to paint the dowels, fill the "heads" with rice (it's not a shaker without some NOISE!) and paint some funny vintage inspired JOL faces.
Tonight, attach the dowels, rub on some antiquing gel, add some crepe paper and ribbon embellishments, maybe a hint of glitter.....who knows!
Got to love those vintage faces!


  1. OH Cyndi...I love those Jack-o-Lantern faces!!

  2. Thanks Linda! I was working on them last night and they are just about done :) I will post some completed pics soon.

  3. Wow - you get A LOT done on a Sunday afternoon. lol! These are so cute! I can't wait to see them finished. xox!

  4. Thanks Kelly and Pam!
    Believe me Pam, that was NOT a typical Sunday at my house!!! I just got lucky.

  5. I commented on you flickr too Cyndi, but wanted to visit your blog! These are just adorable, as are all of your Halloween creations this year.

  6. Thanks Shari! I'm glad you stopped my. Still getting my feet wet with the whole blog "thing". It is all new to me. I love when someone stops by and leaves a comment! :)

  7. I just love these! Fabulous! You make me want to work harder with my Halloween crafts! Currently, I'm burned out. Haha. - Gina

  8. LOL - thanks Gina. I'm a little burnt out myself but my daughter keeps me going....she loves Halloween


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