What a difference a couple of weeks makes. The first week in September was hot and muggy. It certainly didn't feel like the first day of school. But tonight is very cool and brisk, and it finally feels like  Fall has arrived. This is my favorite time of the year. The cool nights and sunny days, the smell of the air, and, oh the colors! Can't wait for the leaves to start turning.
Halloween Shakers - still have more to come.
I want to share some of the pictures of the completed Halloween shakers.
I have 3 new black cats. They took some time to do, but it was worth it. I wanted to be able to fill them with beads so they would have sound as a traditional shaker. I couldn't find a hollow pre-made paper mache form in the sizes I wanted and didn't want to wait to order I went ahead and made my own forms. Grabbed a couple of balls (LOL - sounds naughty!) and went to work.
New Black Cat Halloween Shakers.
Halfway through it, I will admit, I wished I'd just covered a solid styrofoam ball with clay and called it a day....but I am glad I didn't. I loved the way they turned out. Hope you like them too.
I still continue to make my traditional shaker designs because I always get requests for them each season. This year I added a twist to two favorite designs. I decided to make a "drum" design this year.
Halloween Drums
For those of you out there wanted to try your hand at making them too, they are made from 3 inch paper mache boxes. I punched holes on the side to run string through it with rusty bells on the end. When you spin them, they bang on the "drum" and make noise.
Hint: You want your dowel to stay secure in the box, so you need to run the dowel into the box before you glue it shut. Add a little clay and glue to the top inside and push the dowel through the bottom up to the top with the glue or clay (I used both - I wanted it to stay secure). Let it dry. This will keep it dowel from flopping around on you. Then glue the cover on top.
Back View
I wish I took some photos of the different stages. I really should start doing that so I can share with you all. Once I get going on something, I forget about the pictures...darn it.
It was my first attempt at these and as with everything, I wing it as I go along. I might make a few more and take some real step by step photos for you all.
Oh, and I got a little crazy and decided to do a three dimensional pumpkin shaker as well....and yes, I made the hollow form to be able to fill him with beads as well.
Hello there!
He is just a little naked -faced fellow right now but here is a sneak peek at him in his infancy. He will join the others hopefully this weekend.
Jess and Julia - First Day of 4th Grade
Before I say goodnight though, here is a picture of my peanut on her first day of 4th grade. She and her friend Jessica (on the left) are waiting for the bus. Good golly, she is growing up so fast.
Have a great night everyone!
Chow for now.


  1. your peanut is adorable! and so are your shakers! Loving those black cats and the drummy ones too! I just might have to make one if I ever get a chance to do halloween stuff!
    have a wonderful day my friend!

    1. Thank for stopping by Viv - I am sure you would be able to whip up a drum in no time, you crafty woman you!

  2. Your shakers are amazing! So much detail in them! So much work! I love them! Your daughter and her friend are precious! Take Care! xoxo

    1. How sweet - thanks. My little one is not so little anymore but she is at that great age when she still like hanging out with her mom.


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