My sweet friend, Mary Buckler always sends the most adorable gifts. I met Mary on Flickr. She is hilariously funny and super talented.
She never forgets to send a little something special in the mail to brighten up my day. And these really made my day! How cute are these!!! She made these from vintage picks. I just love them.


  1. Cyndi, I am so happy to discover your blog! You are also a friend of Mary Buckler! I just received her wonderful ornaments as well. What a sweetheart. Please know that I don't usually copy other artists work, but your shakers called to me as the last decoration needed to complete my centerpiece for my son's wedding anniversary. You are a most talented artist. I'm headed to your Etsy store to peek! Thank you so much for visiting. Elizabeth

  2. Oh Cyndi! I can't believe it is you who created the Statue of Liberty! I have loved that piece from the moment I first saw it! Beautiful! Elizabeth

  3. OMG!!! I am THRILLED that you made them!!! THRILLED! Believe me, the idea is not unique, and I love seeing what people do....everyone has there own cute style. I just spent the day emailed a woman in California all the instructions on how to make them - had I known, I would have sent her to your blog....you show the steps perfectly!
    You are such a sweetheart! I love everything you make - your work is amazing.
    I have been busy making new Christmas items. So, Etsy should be filling up soon :)

  4. ooooooh! They are adorable! You lucky duck. :) I love your shakers, too. You make the coolest stuff. Happy almost Halloween! xox

  5. I received that special little surprise too from Mary! She is a gem! I came to check out your shakers from Elizabeth's blog! I already know you create sparkly goodies.

  6. Thanks Julie!
    Mary is a gem. My daughter loves it when she sends her matchbox creations full of fun little trinkets. She loves seeing all the tiny stickers and what-nots.
    Thanks for stopping by!


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