Sunday, February 12, 2012


Final touches on some last minute ornaments for my Valentine's Day tree are complete. Nothing like waiting till the last minute!
I'm pleased with how they turned out, since Valentine's Day is one of the few holidays I do very little creating for. Not sure why. I am a hopeless romantic, but Valentine's Day has never taken a front row seat in my creative brain.
This year I was bound and determined to add something new to my collection, and with little time to waste, I was able to pull these together this weekend.
Of course, I still have some unfinished pieces sitting at my work station, but duty calls. I have laundry & a little one to tuck into bed.....maybe later while I watch the Grammy Awards.

Hearts, hearts, and more hearts. And, with a left over bottle brush tree from my stash, I whipped up a some l-o-v-e. Hope you like :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I have been dying to make these. Everywhere I turn, I come across a new version of these adorable cupcake creations. There everywhere! After seeing a few tutorials on Pinterest, I tucked it away in the back of my mind, waiting for the perfect time. And what better holiday than Valentine's Day for some yummy ornaments? So, over the weekend I decided to cook-up a batch. And here they are, ready to hang on our little pink tree for February.
Super easy to do. These are made from small cupcake liners, round styrofoam balls, faux snow for the frosting, pink and red beads for sprinkles and a splash of clear glitter. Let them dry, and "tada"! So cute, you might want to eat them. Don't forget the hook! Mine are just the end of a paperclip sticking out of the top. How fun would these be in a larger scale sitting on a plate in your kitchen?
Once I get the tree up, I will share some of my other heart ornaments that I have been working on. Happy February!