Orange, black and green - my FAVORITE colors of the season. I love creating for Halloween. When I was a kid, everything was always hand made - even your costume! Now-a-days, kids want to buy expensive fancy costumes; and it is rare to see hand carved real pumpkins anymore. So sad.
I have been making crepe paper collars for my Shakers in all my favorite colors. I might even use some of these collars to create some ornaments for the feather tree with some scraps or vintage images.

The Shakers have their collars and ribbon. (Don't you love the pom-pom ribbon!) I have aged their faces for a vintage look and even added some black ric-rac around the faces. Now it is time to finish up the the rest and, start some last minute "ghosts". I have been dying to break out the glow in the dark glitter again :)


  1. Oh they sure turned out wonderful! Love em!

  2. Thanks Becca!!! I have so many unfinished faces waiting for their chance to hang out with these guys :) This week will be busy...but so much fun.

  3. I love these! I need to make some things for ME. lol! These faces are just too cute. xox!

  4. Cyndi,
    I came over from Bluebird papercrafts....she just loves your items! I do too! Do you sell these????? Sandy @521 Lake Street

  5. Oh my stars, these are wonderful! You have such a great eye for detail and have really captured the vintage feel! What serves as the "base" for the shakers? Have a great week, Nan

  6. WOW! Did you PAINT those faces? Amazing!

    Aren't shakers the most fun to make? I think next in line are snowmen faces. What do you think?!

    Thanks for visiting and consider me a new follower!


  7. them!!! Maybe put on my to do list for next year! I also love Halloween colors! I always made my kids costumes by hand too. My daughter tries to make hers every year too. She doesn't like the purchased costumes either.

  8. Hi Everyone!!!
    Thanks for all the wonderful comments.

    Sandy, I usually do sell a few. Mostly, I make them for triends and family...and if I have a few left, I post a few on Etsy. It is so close to Halloween that I decided to not list any in fear that they wouldn't get there in time for Halloween. If I have some extra, I will let you know.

    NanE - the base is the same as what Elizabeth shows. A paper mache round flat ornament from Michael's. Give it a try!!

    Jill, you and I think alike....I was just painting a bunch of those ornamants white to make some snowmen!

    Julie, Yes, you must try some next year. Maybe we can all post them at once and have a shaker party - or maybe a swap :)



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