VACATION WEEK and CATCH-UP (final chapter)

Back to work this morning after an enjoyable, albeit extremely HOT, vacation week.
Saturday was particularly sticky and muggy….a perfect day to stay in doors and do some painting.
I have a few old pieces of wood that I have been itching to get some use out of. One piece was perfectly sized for an idea I had to incorporate this old vintage Halloween bag design. I am sure you have all seen this image on Pinterest popping up lately. Everyone seems to be gearing up for Halloween and this dancing cat has been very popular.
The project could be streamlined into something easier if you are not handy with a brush. Just print out the image and Mod Podge it to a board. But, for me, I enjoy the process of painting and aging the pieces myself so, I went for it! I find painting so relaxing.
With a little splash of green to jazz it up, some rusty wire and some torn fabric for ribbon…..tada!’s ready to go.
There are so many wonderful vintage Halloween candy bag images that the skies the limit with this project. Share with me some of the projects you are conjuring up.
Trick or Treat!
First Halloween creation of the season.
We hit the movies on Wednesday to see Turbo. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I went into this movie experience with very low expectation, but I actually enjoyed the movie. Two thumbs up! And bonus points for having Ryan Reynolds as the voice of Turbo….even in animated snail form, he is still adorable.
Julia and I spent our other free days hitting the lake. The temperatures were well in to the 90's all week with Friday topping a whopping 99. The lake was our best bet for some relief. It also gave her ample time to practice her swimming moves. Three weeks ago she could barely do the dogging paddle, but after going to camp for two weeks and a week with me at the lake, she is coming along quite nicely.
Our town lake, though small, is very charming. The geese and ducks hang out around the shore. No one is allowed to feed them, but I am sure they get a snack here or there from the crumbs left behind after the lake is closed for the day.
My little mermaid!
Julia hanging out with the ducks.

Can't spent a hot day at the lake without stopping for some ice cream. Jay Gee's home made cookie monster ice cream - yum!.....And yes, that is a cup of gummy bears too! Good heavens, the sugar overload.
Julia's BFF Jessica invited her to a party at her mother's company picnic. It was quite the day. She even got to hold a snake.....look at her face! She is loving it!
While Julia spent the day at the party, Jeff and I went for a grown-up lunch date. We had a craving for lobster after watching the Phantom Gourmet on TV. Off we went to a seafood restaurant in North Andover, Joe Fish. Though it was the most expensive lunch I have ever eaten (my lobster roll alone was 30 bucks), it was a nice chance to splurge and enjoy some one-on-one time with each other. Over the last year or so, we drifted to an unhappy place and forgotten to make time for just “us”. Much of my disappearance lately was due to our struggles, fear and confusion of what the future would hold for us. Though we are still trying to find out footing again, we have promised each other to make time to build happy moments as a couple again. This spontaneous dash for lobster was a great way to build on those moments. So, it was worth the money!

Chow for now,


  1. Sweet Santa gnomes! Cute Halloween kitty! Since our winter was longer than ever, I'm not even thinking about fall/Halloween or Christmas!
    But, now I am because of you! Maybe I need to go to pinterest!
    Keep Cool!

    1. Hi Deb,
      With this heat, it is hard to think fall/winter but it is my favorite time of the year so I am always in the mood :) Glad I could get you there too....if you head to Pinterest though, beware, you may need someone to rescue you. You get lost in all the pretty inspirations.

  2. Love the little sign, and your lake vacation sounds so relaxing. I like the idea of NOT feeding the ducks and geese, given what happens at some of our duck ponds, but I'm amazed at how tame they are around people. Cool!

    1. You would be amazed at how calm they are, and they never try and swim over into the sectioned off area for swimming. They just hang out and watch the crowd. They don't even try and steal any food.....they know there place.

  3. I love your sign! Are you going to be putting some Halloween things in your shop soon? Your lake looks just like the one in our town!

    1. Hi Laurie,
      I am going to be posting some new Halloween things in the middle of August, most likely. I have some pieces in the beginning stages and once they come together, my shop will reopen with some new things. Thanks for asking!

  4. Your lake looks so fun! And I love your Halloween sign. I'm hoping to find some time to make some fall goodies, too. Happy summering! xo

    1. Can't wait to see what you come up with Pam!
      Thanks for stopping by.


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