Catch-Up (Round One)

It's been some time since touching base....5 months to be exact.
So, I will spare you from a long-winded post by playing catch-up in "increments". This will be Round One.
First off...Happy Fourth of July Weekend!
Two large 4th of July medallions I worked on. Crepe paper has bleached edges for an aged appearance. 

I hope you all had wonderful weather, yummy cookouts, and fabulous fireworks.
Julia started a day camp this week. She is going for the first two weeks in July and then again for a week in August. Lots of crafts, swimming, canoeing, fishing. She was a little apprehensive the first day. She didn't know anyone, but she has already made new friends and is looking forward to more fun this week. They will teach her how to swim which makes Mommy very happy. I am not a good swimmer. Never have been and never will be. I am thrilled that she will be able to conquer a fear I have never been able to do.
Easter was lots of fun this year, but I am sad to report that Julia is now starting to ask a few of questions about the Easter Bunny, Santa and even the Tooth Fairy. I pray this isn't the final "magical" year of believing. She is 9, and what she hears from some of the older kids at school is making her question the validity of the magical figures. It is breaking my heart because I know one day she will come right out and ask me for the truth. *sigh* I am going to work my tale off to keep that magic alive if it kills me!
I have no idea what age kids start to "get it", but no age is a good age in my book. Look at me, I am 51 and still get goosebumps seeing Santa in the mall! 

Julia with her Easter painting.
New Bunny I completed for Easter
Crepe paper collar and ribbons
Back View
Hope you all had a Happy Easter!
I thought I would show you the completed painting from my last post oh so long ago. I had just started them but here is a look at the final results. I love the texture of these. I have been putting brush to canvas quite a bit lately - it is always very "calming". Good for the soul.

I love the texture of these pieces

Lately, finding ways to re-energize and listen to my scattered thoughts has been a big part of the last 6 months. Focusing on the things most important....the little things that when all is said and done, are the real reason we are all here on this planet. That means, time with my daughter, family and friends, and with...myself - finding out where my heart wants to take me :).
More on that for Round Two.
I have laid-low this past year, and disappeared for the last few. Although for anyone who is addicted to Pinterest as I am, I am sure you have seen me pinning up a storm! It is a nice mindless pastime - so much fun looking at all the pretty things!

I will have lots more stories, and more pictures of what is unfolding at my work bench. I have decided it is OK if I stop working to enjoy some happy memory making because that is, after all, what it's all about.
If any of you are wondering if my Etsy shop is open, yes it is. I have not been posting anything new for quite some time to save some work for Craft Show appearances, but there will be pieces here and there soon. Halloween and Christmas are in full swing. I will be Etsy bound soon.
Catch-up Round Two to come!

Chow for now,


  1. ahhh life.. full of its ups and downs, good times and bad times.. dont ya wish it could just be good all the time? so glad to see you here though Cyndi! I hated when my kids all figured out the truth, I remember when I figured it out as a kid and I was devastated! lol!
    dont be stranger Cyndi.. its good to see you back!

    1. Thanks for the support Viv. Let's hope life will move on an upswing...but whatever happens, something good will come out in the end.....I strongly believe that if you survive the downs, the "ups" will be around the corner and you will appreciate them that much more.
      Big Hugs

  2. ooooo, I know exactly how you feel. My daughter's 10 and still believes, but does has her doubts, coming from the other kids. As much as I want to keep her innocence, I worry about her being picked on by the other kids who don't believe (but we know they really wished they did!)

    1. Kids are cruel sometimes! I love the innocents of the holidays for the kids. Everything is so magical. And I enjoy watching it through her eyes.......once she "knows", I think I will be just as devastated all over again.
      My mom has always been great about making the holidays silly and special even as a grown up so lets hope I do the same for her.


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