Catch-up (Round Two)

Here are a few photos of the Christmas pieces I finally finished. They were left over from last winter. These poor guys were just sitting there, half painted, looking so pathetic. Now complete, I have a few pieces in the bag for this upcoming season. 
The Santa gnomes turned out better than I anticipated. When I finished sculpting them, I was a little hesitant about the look, but the primitive faces and hints of glitter give them just enough sparkle. They make me smile.
Santa Gnomes paper mache/clay, vintage glass glitter
These little snowman ornaments are a whole-lot-of-cute in a small package. The real-deal tarnished tinsel around the neck is oh-so charming and yes, the bells do ring.
Check out that hand of mine in the last pic - so red and blotchy! EEK! LOL
Paper Clay, bell, vintage tinsel, glass glitter

Starting tomorrow, I have a few vacation days to spend with Julia. Jeff and I are tag-teaming the summer, along with her attending a day camp. The summers were easier when he working from home but over the last 1/2 a year, he has been working at the office. This created some scheduling issues for Julia's summer vacation. A last minute sign-up to camp ended up being a winning choice. Julia LOVES camp and all the activities. Had I known, I would have signed her up for more weeks. I think she is almost a little disappointed that she is with me for the week - LOL.

She has been growing by leaps and bounds. Having her around has always been a hoot - she inherited her fathers humor (albeit a pull-my-finger type of laugh) but lately she has really come into her own. We take a walk right after dinner as often as possible,and she is so full of expressive stories about her day. I enjoy my talks with her more than I do most adult conversations. 

Back in May, she had her First Holy Communion. She was a year older than most of the other kids. We signed her up late for CCD classes but it worked out fine. You think a Catholic girl such as myself would have known when to get her started - but I went to parochial school so I never had to take "outside" classes before receiving the Sacrament. I completely missed the first grade lessons and started her in the 2nd grade. She was thrilled to finally be able to wear a pretty white dress and veil. But the bland taste of the host was very disappointing - she expected something much yummier.

Well, it is getting late - time for bed. Heading out to the lake tomorrow so I need my rest.
Catch-up Round Three coming soon.

Chow for now,


  1. HAHA! I remember fantasizing in church about when I could get to eat one of those yummy hosts. Then I finally got the chance...stuck to the roof of my mouth for-ev-er.

    1. LOL - mine sticks to the roof of my mouth all the time. If I had a video camera to record the expressions on those kids faces, I would have one million views on You Tube. It was priceless.


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