It has been a few weeks since I spent some time with you all. Sorry it takes me so long to get my act together enough to post. Sometimes I feel like I blink and 3 weeks fly by.
I'm excited about the days getting longer and the weather warming. It has been a mild winter, so I can't complain about the winter blues. But, I always feel invigorated when it gets warm enough to open a window in the house. It freshens the air, and makes me want to wash windows and hang new curtains. I've done none of those things...yet. But I have been working hard, both at the day job and at my creative table at home.
Here are a few of the my latest works in progress.
Easter and Christmas are colliding at my desk.

WIPS - Easter Egg Bunnies

WIPS - Santa and Snowmen

Easter Ornaments - Pink

Easter Ornaments - Yellow


  1. Sweet bunny! Loving the one I have from you that was a gift. She is on my mantle.

  2. Thanks Deb.
    Nothing is cuter than an Easter Bunny. So glad yo are still enjoying your gift!.

  3. All so gorgeous - can't wait for Spring!!


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