Only one and a half more weeks, and summer will official be over at the LaChance household. Julia begins 3rd grade on September 5th.......3rd grade!! Where has the time gone?
I hope your summers were spectacular!
I spent most of the summer removing myself from any and all obligation to spent time with my family, take stock of my blessings, and re-evaluate some life decisions. Everything was in vacation Etsy time here at my blog. My focus was my "day-job" responsibilities, and enjoying time off to build summertime memories.
Truth is, I missed you all. But it was a needed break both physically, mentally, and spiritually. It has been a tough year. I will spare you all the details. I have never wanted my blog to be a place filled with sorrow. When and if I have something to share that may motivate or help others, I will offer up my experiences. For now, I will remain focused on just navigating through a bumpy side of my life. There will probably be a few life's lessons learned by the time my journey is over. *big smile*
The summer has had some joyous moments. Lazy days at the lake. Spectacular fireworks on 4th of July.  Julia finally having the guts to remove the training wheels from her bike and learning how to ride. I will never forget that look on her face when she finally "did-it"! A full house on the weekends as there seem to be a growing population of kids in the neighborhood. My social butterfly always in the middle of everything.
I did do one art project of the summer - just in case you thought I was being completely lazy. I had been looking for something to place over a large wall above my television. Something with pops of color and texture. I found a few pieces I liked, but nothing "perfect" so I had an old damaged canvas that I decided to experiment with. I had admired some abstract geometric paintings and wanted something with blocks of color.....the colors I like....and it had to be tactile. Here's my version of the "block-painting".

I have also spent the last two weekends preparing for an upcoming November craft show. I wanted to get some original designs started and prepped. I have been elbow high in paper mache, clay! Got a few started but still a long way to go. Here are a few sneak peeks at some Christmas designs. Hopefully, I can get a few new pieces to hit my Etsy shop soon and the rest are heading to my fall shows.

Of course, Halloween is just around the corner, and yes, I have been working on new plans for my shakers. Have a few ideas churning. Stay tuned because I will be giving away some completed shakers to arrive before the Halloween season.
Thank you for sticking with me over this very quiet, non-existent summer. I am back in the saddle and excited about some of the projects I have come up with. I promise to stay in touch.

Chow for now,


  1. yay! youre back! I have been missing you. I hope lifes bumpy road has smoothed out for you now.. I had a rough summer too.. though I posted about it. I cant believe that summer is about over and fall is at our door! I LOVE fall, but dont enjoy what comes after.. snow...
    looking forward to seeing all your creations all painted up!
    have a great day

    1. Viv!
      I have been so out of the loop, I haven't even had a chance to read anyone's blogs lately. I will have to hop over and catch up.....we all have our rough roads and I hope you are all coping well with yours. Let me know if you need anything at all sweetie.
      Thanks for stopping by. I can't wait to start painting too!
      YAY FALL! I'm ready for some cooler temps.

  2. Hi Cyndi! Glad to see you, and sorry about those bumps. I've been having a few here as well, but I"m still here! lol! Can't wait to see all your new stuff, and I love your painting! I think I need to do a large canvas for our tired living room. Liven things up some! :) xox

    1. I would LOVE to see you work on a large scale painting! Do it! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I was hoping people were still out there :)

  3. Hi friend glad your back! My wish for you is that the bumps go away and smooth out! My 3 boys are back to school soon. I will be alone for the first time in 14 years.
    I love the color block painting it looks like a quilt well done! And your wintertime wonders are delightful! I will keep my eyes peeled for your shakers. :) Becca

    1. Thanks Becca!
      What are you going to do with yourself and all that "alone" time!? I am sure it will be creative :)
      I find myself addicted to Pinterest, so I am glad I have limited time right now.....or I might waste away my days pinning.


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