Hi Everyone, 
Wanted to share just a couple of Halloween photos with you all. Above are two of my favorite vintage NAPCO pieces. They have the nicks and chips to prove they have been loved for many, many, years. Thanks to Ebay, they have been in my home for a few seasons. I love them! 

Can't be Halloween without a crow or two!

My husband's bookshelf.....some of these toys are always on display (he is such a kid!) but he has sure added a few more. He LOVES creep clowns, and the large clown mask is always on the shelf....scares the heck out of me whenever I dust. Just one more reason why I hate to dust.

And yes, I know you are waiting for the new shakers, but they still need some final touches. I thought I would post a work-in-progress for fun. They should be done in a couple of days....promise. I will give one away by the end of the upcoming weekend so keep checking!

Below are the finished Christmas pieces so far. Hopefully, they will be a big success at my up-coming November Christmas art show. Whatever doesn't sell will be listed on my Etsy shop. 
These are the hand-molded santas and snowmen figures. The Santa ornaments are patiently drying awaiting their close-up moment.

Red Santas
Detail close-up.
Aqua Blue Santas 

Close-up of Paper Mache Vintage Style Santa
 I hand bleached the edges of the crepe paper to give it a worn, vintage, candy cane color.
Of course, more splashes of vintage mica flakes on his hat, bells and hands.

Taller Snowman paper mache pieces.
Close-up details.
Holly Leaves at base.
The Happy Family


  1. Hi Cyndi,
    LOVE the snowman!!! The Santas are sweet! I see your etsy shop is closed...

  2. Hi Deb,
    Thanks for stopping by! Actually, the esty shop is only closed until after this up coming show in November. I have been saving everything for the show to have enugh merchandise....but once it is over, anything left, and anything new, will be on Etsy again. I love Etsy too much to let it go!


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