Last week, I was able to take some time off from work and visit my parents for a few days. They have both reached a point where travel is out of the question. My mom has two bad knees but refuses to have surgery at her age, and at 78, I can't really blame her. My Dad has become quite fragile and requires constant care. He suffers from Pulminary Fibrosis and needs the aid of an oxygen tank to breath around the clock. Now in his 80's, he is quite cranky, and frustrated with his lack of independent life. But these few days were filled with laughs and joy. My daughter does not get to see my parents often, and they enjoyed watching her silliness. She was more than willing to sing and dance for them; and enjoyed going through my mother's jewelry collection. She is such a girlie girl!
While there, I was able to go through some old photos. I grabbed a stack of photo albums to bring home. The next few days will be tied up scanning all the important, funny, and memory-filled photos. My hope is to use the digital print-outs for hand made ornaments this upcoming Christmas. They would make wonderful gifts for my brother and sister, and I would love to have a tree filled with all these family tree! :)
I will share the progress as I go along. It might inspire you to try something similar with your family photos.
Here are a few of the old photos of my parents that I came across. They looked so young and ready for life. Dad, looking so handsome in his uniform; and my Mom beaming with my Dad as they begin their life together. The beach scene below with the older cars in the background was taken about 10 years later - the cars are a hoot to see.
Thanks for letting me go down memory lane.


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