Here I am. The beginning. The FIRST post.
I have read some wonderful blogs over the last year, all the time wondering, should I venture into this myself? Do I have anything interesting to share? Will anyone want to read it? Do I even have the time to devote to keeping it fresh and new?
Well, here I sit, with no real answers to any of these questions, but I am sticking my toes in the water. What's the worst that can happen, right?
I have just spent the evening with my 6 year old daughter watching ICarly and eating the warm cake she helped me bake and decorate (pink frosting with teal, yellow and mint green sprinkles). It is girls night. No boys allowed.
Daddy went out to a concert and we had the place to ourselves. We got to act silly, have a pillow fight and giggle. Now, I sit here, exhausted, ready for bed but wanting to get this web page started before I change my mind. LOL
So, I guess the best place to start is to let you know my stats. (You will get to "know" me as time goes on.)
I am a fourty-something (too close to 50 for comfort) married, artist from Massachusetts.
My husband is a full time Graphic Designer and Illustrator who has been giving the "self-employment" route a try. Though not easy, I think with time, it will prove to be a positive turning point.
I, on the other hand, still work a full time job for a screen printing company, and create my holiday designs during the free moments I have, and the late hours when everyone is sleeping.
I hope to keep things interesting for you as I go along. I will post some photos of my one-of-a-kind holiday pieces, share some of the wonderful vintage finds I pick-up, tell some stories, and hopefully not bore you to tears.
Till next time,


  1. Its about time!!! I always thought you should have a site to share your talents. You will be wonderful~ Already your layout is way above and beyond most beginners but with your two need to say more. Yay!

  2. Thanks Norma!
    I am so glad you are my first follower:) Yippy!
    I will need to stop by your blog and follow you too. Have a super day.

  3. YAY Cyndi! Welcome to crazy. Nice start dear one.
    Love and hugs,

  4. Thanks Marie!!! So glad you came by. I'm going to add your blog to my list of favs :)

  5. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! I am sooooooo glad you are FINALLY HERE! :)


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