My lost weekend......mother nature again hit us with some on-again / off-again snow. Just a few inches here and there throughout Saturday and Sunday, but holy cow, the wind and bitter cold has been uncontrollable. It was one of those weekends when nothing much is planned. The stay-at-home kind when you never get out of your PJs. My husband had cleaned most of the house on Friday while I was at work, so I really had nothing much to do. Sweet!
Easter is around the corner, but I just can't seem to get myself motivated. I hate that uninspired feeling. I needed a good kick in the artistic butt. So, I grabbed some brushes and painted for fun. Just fun! I had a few small canvases sitting around .... and it was time to get them dirty.
Painting for myself always helps me get my groove on, clears my head, and rejuvinates my soul. After these small landscaping scenes are compete, I should be totally ready for some clay bunnies and eggs.
What do you do to get yourself "refreshed"?

Halfway through this far so good.


  1. We need more of those kinds of weekends in our lives don't we?! I'm so ready to decorate for Easter, but with it being so cold here in Bucks County, like you said, it's hard to get inspired.
    Seeing all the pretties you always create, I'm sure it won't be long before the artistic bugs bites you right in the butt!

  2. Oooh, I love the little landscape! I feel like hibernating. Hopefully this is just weather-related and I'm not turning into a bear - haha. xox


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