Do you feel like you are heading into sensory overload? With all the breathtaking decorations and images during this time of year, my mind has difficulty staying focused. I don’t want to miss anything. I don’t want to forget anything. I want to make every cookie recipe I see. And I get lost for hours perusing through the mouthwatering holiday recipes and adorable crafts/decorations on Pinterest. I’m a giddy, tingly, emotional holiday mess.

I recently came across these sweet free printables by Miriam Bos on Pinterest the other night and I had to share with you.

Click HERE for the PDF's and more adorable freebies! These designs are oozing too-cute-for-words charm. Check them out and happy crafting.

I have made a serious effort to remove any pressure from myself on any new projects for my Etsy shop this month. If I finish a few new pieces….great. If I don’t….that is OK too. This year, it is important to spend time with my family and create when the mood strikes me and the time allows. This will be my first Christmas without my Dad, and making sure my daughter feels the true meaning of Christmas is all that is important right now. I have made some fun pieces for friends, and have a couple of WIP’s waiting for completion that are turning out nicely. As they finish, I will post some pictures and add to my Etsy shop. Maybe a give-away before the end of the month?!

Ornament in memory of my Dad, who was a retired Firefighter and forever the family Santa!

We finally got our tree completed over the weekend. My daughter picked out a cute Fraser Fir…….on the short side, but full of love width-wise. It fits in well with the family! I used to be so particular about my tree, but ever since my daughter and husband did the tree decorating last year while I was sick, I have been OK with giving up the reigns. My job now is making sure the lights are on. After that, Julia and I share the decorating duties.
Don’t get me wrong. There are moments when I feel my skin start to crawl when she hangs one of my family heirlooms in a not-so-perfect spot, but I start the silent chant in my head, “It is just a tree. It is just a tree. It is just a tree.”; secretly hoping that she falls asleep early so I can move it later in the night. Truth be told, I haven’t moved a thing. She notices everything! She will call me out on it right away.

Her friends did come over the other day and broke one of my antique ornaments. As Alex’s hand reached out to touch the teardrop indent ornament, I said, “Be careful with the tree. All the ornaments are glass.” To which she stuck her thumb right through it. I jumped over to see if she was cut, and as I held the broken pieces, I could hear my own heart cry. I guess I will be hitting Ebay for a replacement.

Thank goodness for Ebay!


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