Today has been a quiet Saturday, considering hurricane Irene is due to hit Massachusetts tomorrow. It was overcast and miserably humid during the afternoon, which gave way to drizzly rain and a bit cooler temps. Jeff, Julia and I are tucked in safe, ready for what Irene may toss our way. At 9:50, the rain is heavier now which always makes me sleepy. I'm hoping we don't lose power; the bad weather will make for a perfect day of crafting and creating :)
For all my friends living in the path of the storm, may you stay safe and dry!


  1. Hey Cyndi,

    The worst of it has passed now here in PA. So glad to have made it through! Hoping you all don't have a terrible time of it.

  2. Hope Monday has found you safe and sound!

  3. I hope you are doing good. Blessings and prayers from California!

  4. I've just been catching up on your previous posts and I'm so sorry to hear all of your terribly sad news. I sure do hope you are ok and that you are slowly getting back into the swing of things. Please accept my sympathy and take care.

    Blessings and best wishes,


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