Valentine's Day weekend is always a favorite time of the year. I adore old vintage cards from the 50's and 60's, and the sweet nostalgia of passing them out in school. And, of course, your "special" secret crush always got the biggest and best card!
So, with the spirit of Valentine's Day in mind, here are a few "crush" inspired-stories from this past week at the LaChance household.

First off, BIEBER FEVER! Yes, it has hit my home.
My daughter, ever the performer, loves to sing and dance around the house. 24-7. And she loves Justin Bieber. Wednesday, I received some free Sneak Peek tickets to his new movie. Though it was a school night, the movie started at 6, which would give ample time to have a girls night out and still make it to bed at a decent time for school. She was thrilled beyond thrilled.
I got out of work early, picked her up and headed to the movies.....along with a packed theater of "in-love" 6 to 15 year old girls (and their parents). Holy Cow!!! You would have thought we were seeing him in person. These girls were on emotion overload. Of course, they all wore purple! Did you know that??!! Purple is somehow now connected with all things Bieber?! I didn't, but I do now. Ironically, my daughter was wearing a purple shirt. Pure luck!
All the concert scenes are in 3D, so of course, your 3D glasses were purple too! And as the movie begins, and these girls start to scream with excitement, I realize the Marketing people behind this kid are genius. From the moment he steps on stage, and he stares into the camera and reaches out till you thing he is almost going to touch your shoulder, these girls are in a frenzy. Then add in all the sweet baby pictures, and the boy next door charm, working hard to make it to Madison Square Gardens....well, by the end, Mommy figured it out. She understood. This was their Leif Garrett, their Donny Osmond.
It brought back memories of my huge crush on David Cassidy! And I sat back and enjoyed watching my daughter mesmerized. She is too young yet to understand the full extent of a "crush" but as she whispered in my ear, "This is a fun night Mom", I knew my job was done. She had a good time. That is what it's all about.
This picture was taken over the summer.

Back to the Valentine's Day Cards. I picked these adorable cards at Target for her schoolmates.

She faithfully signed every one. And they will be packed up in her backpack, along with some yummy heart shaped Sweetheart candy boxes. Oh, how I loved getting cards when I was her age. And you can't go wrong with cupcake and ice cream cone cards!

Lastly, Julia insisted on getting Daddy something special. She already made him a card, and while we were shopping, she searched the shelves for something he would like.....and low and behold, she comes around the corner with a bouquet of roses. We were in Target? When did Target start selling roses???

I tried convincing her to get him something else, but she insisted. So, flowers it was. We got home and she proudly handed them to him, all the while telling him that I thought he wouldn't like them but she knew better. LOL He winked, and smiled, and gave her a big kiss. And they now sit at his desk along with his Robots. Nice touch don't you think?

So, here is the Big Question of the day? Who was your first "crush", famous or other-wise.???!!!


  1. Happy Valentine's Day!
    Your daughter is so sweet :) The roses look perfect by the robots.
    First crush..Davy from the Monkees :) and Elvis!

  2. OMG! Deb, I forgot all about Davy Jones! I loved The Monkees!

  3. Would you believe Mac Davis?
    I was a dorkfish even then. :~)

  4. Jan, I love you!!!!!! That puts me in the dork category too because I loved watched the Mac Davis show.


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