After 2 months off and numerous doctors' visits, I finally got back into the swing of things this weekend. I have been feeling great and I was determined to put some expressions on these naked snowman, no matter what. They have been sitting on my shelf for almost 3 months and it was time. With all the snow around me, it was a perfect scene to get me in the mood for some snow people.
So I woke up ready on Saturday with a plan. Get all the last minute things you need for the Super Bowl in the morning. (Can you all shout "chicken wings"!) Get the laundry done. Clean the bathroom. Get Julia dressed for a 2:00 birthday party.
Then relax.......hubby will take Julia to the party and I wlll have 2 hours to noodle around painting and organizing future projects.
Ta Da! My snow people have faces. Finally! Their is still more to do...rubbing in some detail and aging, embellishments, mica flakes and what nots, but at least I got started. Feels good.

As for the Super Bowl, the chicken wings were a big hit, the game was OK (no Patriots, so sad!), the commercials were OK, the music was boring, but I was glad to see Green Bay win. They finally made it happen without Favre and they can move on. Congrats.
Although I secreting have a crush on the Steelers coach Mike cute! sssshhhh, don't tell. LOL


  1. Look how cute they are and I'm loving that elf in the background!

    I'm SO happy for you that you got time to yourself for art. I've been craving that time too. Isn't it a great feeling?

    As for the Superbowl, I was busy needlefelting but would hear comments from my husband in the other room, which gave me an idea of what was going on. That was enough for me!


  2. they look awesome! can't wait to see them finished. and your table is so neat and pretty. i wish mine was theat neat when i paint.
    and, yes, mike tomlin is a cutie! but i had to root for green bay...

  3. Jill - it is soooooooooo great to get back into the swing of things. :) I get cranky when I can't get my hands dirty.
    The Elf in the background was a gift from my friend Kelly. She is amazingly talented. I keep him staring at me while I work because he makes me giggle.

  4. Amber, by table is never this clean! After a couple of months off, the table was nice and neat and I didn't paint long eneough Saturday to do too much damage. Give me another day or two, and it will be back to "normal" - I work better in a mess :)

  5. Those are so darling Cyndi! I hope you are well now!

  6. we didnt watch the game, but we ate like we were watching it! lol!
    loving those snowpeople! but I already told you that on flickr.

  7. They are sweet...and the pattern you've painted on the apron pattern is too!

  8. Thanks Everyone! You are all so sweet.
    I will be so happy when they are all done....almost there :)

  9. Those are precious! I am so happy you are able to get back to what you love and blogging too! Can't wait to see them completed.Glad you are feeling great!!

  10. I love the one with the apron! You make the cutest things. :) Glad you are feeling better! xox Pam

  11. Thanks Pam & Theresa!
    The snow woman will have a basket with lollypops, candy canes and gingerbread cookies...hopefully...if I can get them all in there - LOL


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