While I am still busy with doctor's visits, I wanted to at least touch base with you all to wish you a belated Happy New Year, and share just a couple photos from the holidays.
The first is an adorable ornament sent to me by my friend Mary Buckler. The detail is wonderful and the size is quite large. She remembered all my favorite things. The red and aqua colors are my favorite combination and the vintage plastic Santa in the middle adds to my enormous and ever growing collection of Santas. This is kitschy, and vintage, and makes me smile from ear to ear. Thank you Mary! This will sit front and center on my tree for any years to come.

The next photos are just a couple of the tree this year. This was the first year that I did not take command of the tree. I wasn't feeling well enough to tackle the tree, so my 6 year old daughter did most of the decorating. I handle the tippy top, she took care of everything else. She skipped a few ornaments.....she felt her tree was perfect without them. Normally, I let her decorate and then run around "fixing" everything - LOL. But, after a closer look, I left it all the same. She was proud of herself and so was I. Even without the tinsel and extra ornaments, it is one of my favorite trees because she felt so happy to help mommy while I was sick. She is a great kid.

I have some more photos to share soon. I bought myself some lovely ornaments that I know you will love, so stay tuned. I have been a little MIA these past weeks, but I am hoping to get back to creating and sharing with you all in the next few weeks. I'm so looking forward to getting back in the groove.

Chow for now,


  1. I think your tree is beautiful:)
    Happy New Year

  2. Thanks Julie! I will make sure Julia knows you approve :)

  3. I too think your tree looks beautiful! Looks like she might have a future job as a stylist! I hope you are resting and taking care of yourself. xxoo Nan

  4. Julia did that tree? It is awesome! Tell her I have a tree that needs her magic touch next year. :) Feel better and take it easy! xox Pam


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