This is one of my favorite weekends of the year. I LOVE THE WEEKEND AFTER THANKSGIVING. Don't get me wrong. It has nothing to do with the shopping. I loathe Black Friday shopping. I don't even leave my house on Friday. I stay home and recover from the huge amount of food I ate the day before.
What I DO love about this is time for the Christmas decorating! Yippy.....heaven. I am sort of old school. I don't put out any Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving. And this year made me nuts because holiday items were in the stores even before Halloween. So wrong!
This morning I started lugging up the plastic bins from the basement to get started. It's an adventure ever time. I mark each box, but the unwrapping of each piece covered in tissue paper makes it so exciting.
Here is a glimpse of my kitchen table covered in one of the opened boxes of Christmas goodness. Only 6 more bins to go :)

When my cats were still among us, I would pile the tissue paper up on the floor and they would hide in it and play for hours.
This year, I think the spirit of Yogi and BooBoo took over my daughter. I found her in the living room doing this!

I did venture out for a little bit today. The traffic was a little crazy, but I only hit Target for a few things and headed home. They had these adorable felt snowman ornaments that were so cute. And just $2.00!

These ornaments were very elegent. Look at those prices! Granted, they were not glass, but how lovely would these look on a tree if you had to decorate on a tight budget.

I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving. Tomorrow will be more decorating....and finally finishing up some WIP items to post on my Etsy shop next week :)
Till later,


  1. Hi Cyndi! I'm with you! I love the weekend after Thanksgiving. The Christmas carols are on, the boxes of much loved decorations strewn all over the place - lol! Love the Target snowmen. Have fun! xox Pam

  2. I was able to condense my ornaments and decorations, leaving FIVE big tupperwares empty! I'm so proud of myself! After going through what I truly didn't love, I got the rest ready to donate. Then my niece emailed saying she's moving into her own place. Guess who's getting a bunch of Christmas ornaments?!

  3. Got to love the Christmas Carols Pam!

    Jill, I am inspired by you. I can never seem to "reduce" the number of plastic bins! I should do the same. Your niece is a lucky girl !


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