I cannot believe that it is September 16th. Time is flying at lightning speed. I have so much to share with you all and I can't seem to get a minute to do it all. So, just to keep thing fresh, I wanted to share my Sneaky Kitty for 2010. As you can see from my avitar, I use this little guy for lots of fun pieces. He is just so stinkin' cute, and probably one of my most popular items on Etsy. He always flies out of the shop. I didn't want to do the "same-old-thang" with him for 2010, so I decided to use a moon for the base this year. He is made from an adorable chocolate mold that I have in my collection of never ending "stuff"!! I love to make something using old molds in between hand sculpting my pieces. There is just something so charming about them and sooo vintage. But I am never happy to just paint-and-go, so I have to add some special touches. This year it was a hand molded moon base. Hope you like him. You can't see it to well in the photo, but he has glittery polka dots on his collar in black - tone on tone - very sparkly. Oh, I wish I was a better photographer.
I have another black kitty coming that is sitting on a pumpkin base (very traditional). And, of course, I have several OOAK JOL's that are all hand sculpted and waiting for there final touches. I so hope to get them done by the weekend.
I don't know how anyone else feels, but I seem to ALWAYS be behind!!! Maybe it is because I start so many projects at once, and feel like I am not getting anywhere with any of them - LOL
And now that Julia is in school and she has homework every night - jeez, I have even less time......oh to have a few more hours in the day,
Chow for now,


  1. Hi Cyndi,
    I think you're doing really good with time! I'm amazed at the stunning creations you keep turning out!
    In answer to your button question on my blog. You save the button picture to your computer, then add it as a picture gadget on your blog. In the window that opens where you upload the picture there is a space to copy and paste my blog url.
    And no need to thank me for following. I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  2. Thanks Peaches!!! I am going to have to try that!

  3. Hi Cyndi, Love your kitty! Theres never enough time in the day is there? Theres always something else that needs our attention more then our creating! I'm on call this weekend, so that will surely get in the way of my creating!
    have a great weekend

  4. Found you on the hive and now following your blog too! I'm having a link party on my blog now if you'd like to link something up! http://answerischocolate.blogspot.com/2010/09/september-holiday-open-house-link-party.html

  5. OOHHH!!! Sounds like fun! Glad you found me on The Hive - I love it there!


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