I have been busy finishing up on some Halloween pieces. The cooler weather just gets you in the mood! I took a quick picture of this one and thought I would share. I love old vintage holiday postcards and wanted the pumpkin girl to have the same adorable look. She has glitter on the black edges of the base, and everything, including the pumpkin, have been crackled. I will list her on Etsy later on tonight.


  1. Thanks Sharon and Becca! You girls are the best....you always make my day!

  2. Hi Cyndi! Sorry to take so long getting over here and joining in your fun! I blame my kitchen counters - hahaha! I love her - she is magical!
    xox Pam

  3. LOL!!!! Pam, you are welcome anytime you can fit me in :) I am sure your comments with keep me laughing!!!


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