It has been a LONG time since I posted here on my blog. Not that I wasn't busy. More of a decision to seek some other social media and business avenues. I slowly removed myself from Etsy and relied on shows / word of mouth to sell my pieces. Many of Etsy's changes made it difficult to be seen and even harder to sell. Good news is I have a few things in the works which will give me other options for selling on-line again. This includes selling on a great new site as well as here directly on this blog. More to come on that down the road. With that said, you will see me blog posting again along with building on this current blog format. For now, I want to say hello to everyone out there! It's been too long.



  1. Good to see you! I love all your new creations! I'm still hanging in with Etsy!

    1. Good to see you too! Hope your doing well on Etsy still. I will have to log on a check out your store again - it has been awhile.


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