I had another week off from work. My last for the summer. A few days at the lake and even more days in the basement cleaning and organizing boxes of "stuff". So much "stuff"! Where the heck does it come from?!
Next Saturday we plan a large yard sale and hope to get most of the mess gone. It is so nice to de-clutter :).
In just a few more weeks it will be school again. Can you believe it! Back to busy schedules, bus stops and homework. I always feel in a rush during those morning and I am not looking forward to 4th grade math! I never remembered school being this difficult when I was a kid. And what is up with the home work! Good Golly.
I worked on a few pieces during my days at home. I can't seem to focus on one holiday (as I nervously twitch one eye) LOL.
A Thanksgiving turkey. DONE.
New faces for this years shakers....some old favorites and some new. NOT DONE.
My desk looks like the Holiday Gods threw up all over it.
Chow for now,

Thanksgiving Turkey

Love the way the crackle turned out! 
Unfinished shakers. The cats still need there sticks and some crepe paper. The bottom two are similar to pieces I have done but I changed it up a little bit and added some rusty bells on the sides to spin and jingle..... they still need some crepe paper too. What a mess!


  1. LOVE that turkey! and your messy desk.. looks like a lot of eye candy to me!
    Im having trouble focusing on anything at all! my thoughts are all over the place!
    have a great week

    1. Thanks Viv.
      It's funny....Thanksgiving is the biggest holiday for my family. My mother always loved cooking for everyone and having the whole family together. But, I rarely make many pieces for it....I need to do more!
      Have a great week too peaches.

  2. Cool turkey! Love your desk!!! It's fun to see others work space!
    Grandgirl starts school the day after labor day! 5th grade already!

    1. Thanks Deb!
      Glad you like my little table of mess. To be honest, there is another small side table but this little nook is wear the magic happens :) LOL
      Or you will find me in the yard - I love working outside in the fresh air.

      Hope your Grandgirl has a fab 5th grade!

  3. Hi Cyndi, cool turkey, it looks like you are more than ready to start the autumn season.
    Thanks for the sweet visit . . . if you lived closer I would invite you over to bake. I'll bet we could have some fun.
    Good luck with your yard sale, I could use a little de-cluttering, too.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

    1. Thanks Connie,
      If I lived closer, I wouldn't even wait for the invite...I would show up with my baking supplies and raid that awesome kitchen!

  4. Your work is amazing! I'm still in love with my snowman and statue of liberty! You are so talented!

    1. Thanks Jori,
      You are so sweet - I appreciate the kind words.


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