Tonight, we finally got to hit the neighborhood and Trick or Treat, after the snowstorm a few days ago postponed the festivities in our town. It was a great night, and there were hundreds of kids roaming the streets. What fun!
Julia was a Asian Princess, or at least that is what the package from Target called it. I think it is a Geisha Girl, but I guess that isn't politically correct any longer. So Asian Princess it is.
She looked beautiful, even with the layers of cloths underneath to keep her warm. Believe me, she let me know that it ruined the "look".
My husband Jeff stayed home and passed out candy while I went out with Julia. Not to miss out on the fun, he played along as well. He is such a kid at heart.

For blocks, houses were decorated and passing out candy. This neighborhood loves to celebrate the holidays. And in a few weeks, it will become a Santa's village. Can't wait.


  1. I miss trick or treating! and I miss gettint trick or treaters too. when my grand babies get a little older, I will have to go out with them! love your hubbys mask and your daughter looks so purty in her costume!
    have a great day


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