Goodness, it has been an eventful week since Hurricane Irene hit. Luckily, Irene was more bark than bite; at least that was the case in my area. Many had it much worse and my heart go out to anyone who saw the storm at its peak.
We waiting for something "big", but it was not to be. The only downfall of the storm - no power! The electricity went out on Sunday morning at around 10:30 and it didn't return till Tuesday night. I consider myself a lucky lady, though. Some surrounding areas had no power for over a week.
We occupied our time with paper, glue and paint, games, and even a trip to Target. Yep, you heard right! The storm was fairly mild, and many local businesses still had power, so what do you do when you are bored? Hit Target and look for bargains!
Julia and I were hoping to find some cool Halloween items, but they were still in "Back-to-School" mode, so nothing interesting was had. My hubby stayed home and doodled. The things that fill that man's head! I wonder sometimes! LOL

Wednesday was the first day of school! My husband (who works from home) was doing the "happy-dance" all the way to the bus stop! Don't get me wrong, he adores spending time with Julia. But having her under feet during the summer is a complete distraction and he is looking forward to actually "working" the entire day.
Jessica, on the left, is her BFF. (Sorry about the blurry pics!) Jess lives next door and they are both in the same class. This is a good and bad thing as they tend to "chat" a little too much during school. She promises they will be better this year. Only time will tell.

Creatively, I have been working on Halloween items this week. As usual, I am making some shakers. These are just the beginning stages but I have a couple of old shakers in the background to help inspire me.

I have owls on the brain right now so hopefully I will have some OOAK pieces to share in the next week.
I have been working on a Halloween Swap with some girls at work. I will share those as well with you all.
Here is a sneak peek at one of my Christmas pieces that I just finished over the weekend. I should be posting this on my Etsy site this week.

The best news this week was the addition of a lovely new baby girl into the world. Summer was born on Friday to my dear friends, Julie and Jed. I have worked with Julie for over 15 years. She was a silly, young girl who loved to party when I first met her. She would hide out at my desk in the art room when she was hung over and needed some quite time. Now, she is all grown up, has changed departments and works for me, and is a smart, funny, lovely young woman who married a great guy and now has this adorable little bundle. Welcome to the world sweet pea!


  1. What a wonderful and eclectic post! Love your hubby's crazy cartooning. Your little girl is lucky on several levels, but in this case, to have her BFF living right next door. Idyllic...

    Your wee snowman is charming and makes me nostalgic! Congrats to the new parents, and may they get some sleep once in a while. :~)

  2. Cyndi, Let me know when you post your shakers.. I want to buy one this year! (well, if youre making them to sell that is!) Where do you work that has an art room? and what does your hubby do that he is able to work from home. I see that he is also an artist! (nosy nosy nosy.. arent I?) my husband says I am.. but I think I'm just curious! anyways.. Your daughter is adorable and I hope she is enjoying being back to school!
    I always did the happy dance when my kids went back too!! but on the other hand, I loved the laid backness of having them home for the summer.
    have a great week!

  3. Thanks Ladies!

    It was a busy but fun week. I am glad you enjoyed my hubby's silliness.

    Viv, you crack me up! Nothing wrong with being curious! I LOVE curious people.
    My husband is a freelance illustrator and graphic artist. When he was laid off a couple of years ago, he decided to take the plunge and work full time for himself, hence why he works from home now. He works designing for local screenprinting companies as well as illustrating and designing for major and independent label recording artists. His work has more of a harder edge to it, and my art tends to be more traditional. Needless to say, our home is an eclectic mix.
    And Viv, goodness, I promised you a shaker last year and this year you WILL get one - compliments of me.

  4. Oh, and as far as the art room goes (for me), I work for a large Advertising Specialty company and I work with customers to trouble shoot and correct their artwork before printing. This pays the bills, and my nights are filled with my "fun" creations.

  5. I can't wait to purchase Halloween and Christmas items! I have been completely in love with my July 4th stuff. :)


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