Cinque Terre, Italy

I saw this photo on Pinterest (Have you visited that site yet - it is addicting). Breathtaking and inspiring. Now officially on my bucket list of places to see in person.


  1. Now it's on mine, too! What an amazing amount of color! xo Pam

  2. Hi Cyndi
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment about my work over at my place :o)
    I have actually been to Cinque Terre and right at that spot in your photo. The colors are not that bright in real but it´s one of my favorite place in Italy. It´s SO beautiful and it´s amazing to walk between those little towns and see the wonderful colors.
    Wishing you a wonderful sunday
    xo Tina

  3. Hi there! Visiting you from the Hive and saw this post. My husband and I stopped there on our honeymoon! It's as pretty as the picture!

  4. Hi Tina!
    Thanks for stopping by. My husband has now made it his mission to make sure we vacation there....I have to see this in person. :)

  5. Hi Melanie!
    Goodness, I so have to get back on the Hive and see what is going on. I have been MIA for awhile. There are so many sites I love to spend time on that I loose track of time - which is not always a good thing - LOL
    Thanks for taking a peek and leaving a comment :)

  6. Oh this is an awesome place. I thought it was a painting at first and then realised it's a real place. So cool!

  7. Would you believe I've actually BEEN THERE? Yes, single mother of three, dating an Italian NATO officer at Sheppard AFB, and he asked me to go on a trip with him through Italy. Mom kept the kids, and I spent two weeks a redneck girl from North Texas NEVER expected to experience in. her. life. Ever. :~)

    Cinque Terre was incredible. No cars...they don't fit on the teeny little road/paths. You need good shoes, lots of time OR endurance or both. :~) Thanks for the memories...


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