The snow is finally melting, and here in the Northeast we are seeing the light behind the tunnel......SPRING! It has been a hard winter. I usually enjoy snow, but this was just tooooooo much.
I am looking forward the warmer temperatures. My mind is filled with all things Easter. I have doodled some sketches for new OOAK pieces. Tomorrow I begin sculpting! Bunny, chick and egg ornies! Oh my!
Last week I began pulling out some of my favorite vintage molds too! Mixing paper mache. Coming up with a new color palette. I like to mix my own colors...it's just me :)

Though I love the creativity of sculpting my own designs, there is something so nostalgic about vintage holiday molds. They bring back memories of childhood and the innocent excitement of the holidays like nothing else.
This grouping of bunny friends are dry and primed. Stay tuned for the unvailing.

One last remnant of winter before I get back to work. I finally finished my vintage Santa! In an earlier post, there were pics of this poor guy as I bought him on Ebay. But after some foot surgery, fresh paint, crackle medium, and antiquing, he looks good as (old) new! I love him. The photos aren't the best (I stink!). It doesn't show off how great the crackle looks. And, he needs a good coat of matte varnish, but I had to share. (View large)


  1. Can't wait to see your finished Easter pieces. I have one of your bunnies! Maybe I need another piece..those chicks are sweet.
    Deb :)

  2. oh I think youre having too much fun! dont you wish wer could all get together to create easter things for a weekend! that would be so much fun!
    have a great weekend

  3. looking forward to your new creations!
    have a great weekend!

  4. I would love one of your bunnies!!!! Those molds are so wonderful!!!!!

  5. Hi Ladies!
    Easter is so much fun :) I'll post a pic of my bunny ornies as soon as their faces are complete.

    Viv, what trouble & fun we could get into if we all got together for a weekend! I'm not sure the world is ready for that much excitement :)

  6. Hi Sandy,
    I am going to have an Easter give-away so please stay tuned :)

  7. I love your bunnies, and Santa looks amazing! I'm glad you rescued him. I am so ready for Spring and warm weather - bring it on! ;) xox Pam

  8. i'm not a big easter person, but i LOVE those vintage mold pieces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i can't wait to see them finished....
    your santa turned out great too. i crackle almost all of my pieces and you can't really see it unless you use the macro lens. but with that it shows up really, really well....

  9. Hi Pam!
    It has been raining all day - washing away tons of snow! And the weekend is going to be sunny - yippy :)

  10. Thanks Amber! I so need to invest in a good camera. My camera is a little old and tired. Or it could be the user! LOL
    Classic Easter bunnies are always a favorite with me :)

  11. The vintage Easter bunnies do have a look about them that just bring back comfy-cozy feelings. They must be so much fun to paint too!

    I'm totally with you on this winter ending. It just seems like an endless one this year.


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